Review Haida Kit M10 Filter: a revolutionary and essential kit for every landscape photographer

In the equipment of a landscape photographer can not miss a kit of filters, to better express their creativity. For example Polarizer, ND and GND are inevitable in their kit.

This was done by HAIDA with the new and innovative M10 Filter Holder, which we had the pleasure of testing and testing in the field.

It comes in an elegant hard case with zip and anti-scratch suede interior. Includes 77mm adapter ring holder (you can buy the ring of the desired size), polarizing filter and light barrier (to be used when installing plate filters) and third-party filter adapters.

In addition to the polarizer, you can take Clear-Night and ND1000 multi-layer optical crystal filters. The holder and the accessories have a satin finish, solid and precise in the grafts, easy to mount on the lens.

Given the irrelevant weight, does not unbalance the camera, not a small feature.


To use the polarizer, act on the wheel placed on the filter itself; this avoids, as happens with the screw polarizers, to accidentally leave fingerprints on the filter. Give the shot a nice contrast and bright colors.

During the tests I was pleasantly impressed by the ND1000 filter, for its extreme clarity and the ability to maintain even the smallest detail.

Even in longer exposures it does not present dominant and does not alter colors.

Thanks to this system it is possible to carry out the MAF by quickly mounting the filter on the holder without the hassle of having to screw it to the lens.


Here is the final result:

This system ensures that you can easily perform the Focus Stacking.

To complete the kit, Haida proposes the plate filters, in multi-layer optical glass, listed below:

ND – Soft GND – Medium GND – Hard GND – Horizon GND – Reverse GND

All this makes the Haida M10 the ideal solution for having the right filter in every situation.

Here another shots taken with the kit:

… we also wanted to have fun with infrared photography with a modified camera:


  • Quick installation, equipped with a quick-release filter system;
  • Lightweight in aluminum alloy;
  • Solid and safe thanks to its anti-slip coating;
  • Adjustable locking lever with the ability to rotate the filters 360 degrees in total safety;
  • The circular polarizing filter does not stop the automatic exposure or the focusing functions, with as many as 10 anti-reflection layers and a fingerprint-proof surface;
  • Equipped with gasket around the perimeter to avoid light leakage;
  • It can mount both circular and plate filters without problems;



  • Well, it is difficult to find a defect in this kit, if not to see it as soon as available at our trusted store to buy it.







The cost should be around $ 195, so accessible to all, taking into account that it can also mount third-party filters, perhaps already in your possession.


The complete features can be found on the official website id HAIDA at the following link: HAIDA M10 KIT FILTER

This review was written by Omar Sospiri, whom we thank.

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